All The Rivers

All the Rivers is a series of involved artistic exchange, in form of workshops and Flash-residencies.

Open to any medium and discipline within arts, stage tech, and the community around them, All the Rivers is focused on the transformative power of exchange and cooperation/collaboration within and between arts, artists, community, society and their peripheries. We see a sharing of skills, knowledge, insight and creative process as a mutual spiral of growth, and are looking for an active, aware practice of exchange, involvement and commitment, in an informed and inclusive mindset and effort.

Creativity is formed in constant dialogue of learning and teaching, of voicing and listening. in both workshops and residencies, artists and workshop leaders invite the participants for either or both.

The series offers workshops on a wide range of topics, from inclusive, aware and accessible production and creation, technical skills, inspiring practices and involved creation. An open call is published for interdisciplinary Flash-residencies (production oriented, five-days long), encouraging inter-media collaborations. These residencies are aimed at offering a public sharing - in any form and media, from performing arts to visual arts, sound or installations, that is committed to reaching out and forming dialog with audience and community, as part of the artistic process and its performance or sharing. 

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