All The Rivers Workshop: Light and Materiality

Saturday, 22 June, 2024 - 15:00

All The Rivers Workshop: Light and Materiality

Claire Terrien
Catalina Fernández


Light and Materiality Workshop - Catalina Fernandez and Claire Terrien

In our sessions, we'll be discussing light as a technology and as an aesthetic tool in the performing arts. Together, we'll explore professional lighting design tools and learn how to build DIY lamps/light objects.

We'll invite participants to share a performative practice and explore different light atmospheres to transform the space. While we examine light's language in relation to each practice, we will:

- Investigate light's interactions with various materials and play with colors and effects (Lee filters/LED lamps/Carousel projectors/hazers/fog salts),
- Delve into light copying natural phenomena and sci-fi worlds (shadows/clouds/rain/foggy weather/sunsets/etc.),
- Study light with images & projection and its reflection in smoke and mirrors.

We'll also dedicate time to learning how to communicate lighting ideas effectively. We want to share our communication strategies, relevant vocabulary, and how to create reference images and texts. 

Our goal is to explore ways to articulate lighting ideas clearly and how to transform them into tangible designs.

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