ausland is an independent venue for music, film, literature, performance and other artistic endeavours. We also offer our infrastructure for artists and projects for rehearsals, recordings, and workshops, as well as a number of residencies.

lychener str. 60, 10437 berlin, +49(0)30 44 77 00 8



We’re very happy to announce two open calls coming up for residencies!  The application time is not very long, so here’s a heads-up to gather what you need (it’s doable!) and get ready! Follow up for more info and application on the dates below: 

OPEN CALL 1– Flash Residencies For The Series “All The Rivers” 
Application time frame: 08.03. 24 – 24.03.24
An open call for 5 days (4 working days and a sharing/showing day) production-oriented residencies for groups of 3-5 people of all art media, form and genre – cross media collaborations encouraged. 

OPEN CALL – Performance / Dance Residencies (grants) 
Application time: 10.03.24 – 01.04.24 
An open call for a 1 month grant and a 10-14 days residency with a public sharing/showing of research and development process, for groups of 3-5 people in the field of performing arts and dance.  

Target groups for both open calls: 
We address all artists and cultural workers, especially groups and individuals who have been and are still excluded from funding due to (multiple) discrimination. The focus of this call is on inclusive, diverse casting. Instead of your CVs, we are mainly interested in your project and how you’d work on it: we welcome projects that engage with the world in a courageous, awake, consistent, persistent, queerfeminist way.  

Applaus! And structural changes in 2024

We’re very happy to announce that ausland was awarded the Applaus Preis 23 in the category best live music programs. That means for 2024 we’ll be able to continue with our music program nonetheless. Thank you to all the artists who have performed here, all the people who have put time and energy and creativity into organizing, bartending, doing sound and light and video, sitting in the entrance booth (some of us call it ausland’s best bar corner), cleaning the space, handling press work and last but not least to the audience who keeps coming and keeps this space alive and kicking!

And now the sad news: After 4 years of structural funding from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt, from 2024 on ausland won’t be structurally funded. We’ll keep on trying to change that, but for now that’s how things are. This means we’re back to running the space on a voluntary basis. While some projects happening ausland are funded ‒ which is great! ‒ the operational expenses and the hours put in by the people running it are not. This poses a threat to a space which for many artists from the independent scene is a platform for presenting and developing their work. The precarious situation of many artists and the increasingly tense situation on the real estate market in the center of Berlin make it imperative to maintain spaces such as ausland as an art production space. We’ve been offering this opportunity to artists for over 20 years and want to continue to do so in the future, if financially possible. If you want to support ausland as a sponsoring member or simply make a donation, you’re welcome! Please write to us. The bold letters will lead you to our contact form, please choose the category “general" there. 


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