All The Rivers Flash Residency: ∞th place

Sunday, 01 December, 2024 - 10:00

All The Rivers Flash Residency: ∞th place

Samantha Tiussi
Naia Urresti
Samantha Tiussi

We are three queer, late-identified autistic artists. Our life post-identification is a perpetual re-definition of our identities and the space they take in society. Our lived experiences, our minds and our bodies are the roots of our experimentations and creations.

To have better chances in society as autistics, we are compelled to mask. Our masks have different manifestations, scopes and consequences which we will explore through structures of glass that can protect, conceal, mirror or reveal. These structures exist in a dialogue between movement and stillness, sound and silence. When should we conform to feel safe? Or take the risk to truly belong?

On stage, we decide to take the risk. What does the public see? Is it a mask or who we really are? Is it the sum of all the projections of our society?

During our residency, we will explore our relationship with a restraining social environment and underline the lack of spaces in which we can truly feel safe. We will shed light on our differences, the impossibility to truly belong and the thin thread that binds us to a world dictating what we are granted or denied.

Naia brings a rich dance and choreography experience, gathered from years of career in Venezuela, Spain and Germany. Additionally to her poetic and visual colorful universe, Coco brings the rawness of a new performer. Samantha, a transdisciplinary artist experiencing synesthesia, engineers worlds and creatures made of glass around them.

Our collective, the 8th place, was born upon the realization that our combined perceptions, audiences and variety of crafts could be united for larger scale results in our mission of adding to the sorely lacking FLINTA* autistic representation. Relatable experiences are often the first step of an identification journey that could lead to information, culture, community and care. We are proud of opening well-needed conversations among non-autistic and intersectional feminist allies, and of affirming that marginalized and disabled artists deserve autonomy, paid working opportunities and accessible working environments.

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