Cocomoino / Coco Stoppelli (she/they) is a self taught visual artist and writer. As a child, she developed a passion for poetry and photography, and later for multimedia projects and visual arts.

Coco’ draws direct inspiration from her queer, autistic and disabled lived experience, and by the itinerant life she led between 2010 and 2018. Her work addresses important topics such as mental health, inclusion, identity and culture. Coco uses art and self-expression to challenge unkind perceptions, all while holding space for all our emotions. Her purpose is to create a connections between people with similar lived experience and, in so doing, breaking the barrier of loneliness.

Coco mostly uses bold colors, heartfelt storytelling or surreal bits of text. Her different techniques reflect the ambivalence of living with autism and ADHD: from abstract figurative pieces based on a set of random events, to amplified observations of nature, colors and shapes, mirroring a different perception of reality.

Although watercolor is the most common medium in her practice, Coco joyfully journeys between different disciplines, materials, techniques and mediums. She picks the best tools to represent a specific emotion, sensation, or to pass on a message.

Coco’s work was part in 2023 of the international group exhibition “ArtWorks Together”at the Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham (UK) and at the Charter for Compassion Gala Exhibition in 2022. Between 2022 and 2024, she self-published a number of zines addressing ableism, systemic discrimination, gender, capitalism and trauma. Coco is also an advocate and publicly speaks on topics such as art, creativity, autism and inclusion.

In 2024 she founded with Naia Urresti and Samantha Tiussi the all-autistic 8TH PLACE collective. By combining their different perceptions, audiences, disciplines and visions, they can amplify their impact and open well-needed conversation among autistics and non-autistics alike.

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