performing archive: A STRUCTURE NOT AN EVENT

Friday, 21 June, 2024 - 18:00

performing archive: A STRUCTURE NOT AN EVENT

Doors open 18:00, program starts 19:00

19:00 - 20:00 Performance
Gruppe Wissenslücke have been meeting for open un/learning sessions since November 2023 to untangle together what we have been taught around imperialism, colonialism , memory culture and violence. Come join us for a performative showing of the archive we have gathered through these sessions.

This collective lecture performance combining sound recordings, live instruments and voice, will bring to life the archive that has guided us from situated to counter-knowledge. Our aim is to reformulate our efforts to unlearn entanglements of violence, oppression, and colonial structures in Palestine-Israel, Germany, and beyond. 

20:00 - 22:00 Film Screening and Artist Talk
Join us for the second part of the evening, featuring a selection of short films that explore themes of poetry, memory, land, and settler-colonial violence within the built and natural environments of Berlin, the occupied West Bank, Palestinian villages in Israel, and fictional landscapes. These films, situated between Palestinian identities of diaspora, assimilation, and survival, showcase a diverse array of artistic mediums and narratives, ranging from documentary to fiction, and dystopia. Following the screenings, we will have a moderated discussion with the filmmakers Mudar Al-Khufash, Belal Kalash, and Nahed Awwad.

Films and Artists:

Mudar Al-Khufash: Crossing to the Realm of Manifestation
A 10-minute video essay based on a site-specific theory performance, exploring different ways of knowing and theorizing reality amidst a "plausible genocide." The performance features a scientifically researched poem and concludes with an ablution ceremony.

Belal Kalash: in between the fragments of the forgetting present
A short film, a short story. A story about life, a life of the other, and the other life. A story about after birth, and the second birth, after death, and the after death of the other,  or the other death. A short film, or a short story, in between the fragments of the forgetting present. A short film in a place and another place, and in between, within a time and another time, and in between.  

Nahed Awwad: 5 MINUTES FROM HOME (selected scenes)
The Jerusalem Airport lies along the road that links Jerusalem to Ramallah. It has been occupied by Israeli army since 1967, at a 5 kilometer distance from Ramallah and 10 kilometer distance from Jerusalem. Today, to the east of the runway, a huge military checkpoint blocks the Jerusalem-Ramallah

22:00 - 24.00
DJ sets by moraya, samu500 and more

Access info:

The Event will be help in english spoken language, the screanings include arabic language with english subtitles, seating options available are chairs with backs, cushions and stools. Please come tested or early so you can test at the door. 

General access info regarding the space: 

Admission fee: 8 €

As part of the series All The Rivers

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