due to personal changes, the eiskalt evenings are a discontinued series at ausland. there were playing groups from berlin, sometimes set up just for one evening and travelling bands from around the world. this series was interessted in pop, noise and rock, exclusively from the unconventional spectrum. the former organizer still keeps other projects, e.g. working with sound and the interest on a free, contemporary, experimental radio in berlin, that should arise. the former organizer also belongs to th technic crew at ausland and now is a happy owner of a pony (living animal, eats gras, four feet, can carry people, real handy)!

and now a few great bands and musicians, that have played on eiskalt evenings in alphabetical order :

206 (D), adrian vom hove (D), alexandravonbolzn (D), allee der kosmonauten (D), alro (D), cheval de frise (F), antoine chessex (CH), chlorgeschlecht (D), cotton ponies (D), deerhoof (USA), degenerate art ensemble (USA), derek shirley (CAN), dianogah (USA), enablers (USA), faun fables (USA), the flying luttenbachers (USA), gorge trio (USA), hardman (D/USA), house williams (D), hawnay troof (USA), ilse lau (D), jan schlaeger (from antihairball, D), jan zimmermann (D), joe lally (from fugazi, USA), olaf rupp (D), kinn (D), konrad wilde (D), kraftpost (D), leonid soybelman (D), lokai (A), marcello busato (I), mariahilff (D), moha! (N), monotekktoni (D), nonostar (D), presocratics (USA), san francsico folk explosion (USA), schredder (D), silk konvertor (D/CAN), squintaloo (D), the dead science (USA), the king anabels (D), tschilp (D), das zuckende vakuum (D), zu (I), zea (NL)

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