Margareth Kammerer

Margareth Kammerer


<nobr>MargarethKammerer was born in 1966 in Tscherms, Italy. University studies in</nobr>


<nobr>Bologna, Italy in Musicology. Vocalstudies with Michiko Hirayama, </nobr>


<nobr>A vocalist and composer in the Berlin experimental music scene</nobr>


<nobr>MargarethKammerer has collaborated with numerous musicians both locally and</nobr>


<nobr>internationally such as: Paolo Angeli, Daniela Cattivelli, Jon Rose, Butch Morris,</nobr>


<nobr>Fred Frith, Leonid Soybelmann, Joe Williamson, Nicholas Bussmann, Axel</nobr>


<nobr>Doerner, Chris Abrahams etc… </nobr>


<nobr>Since 2000 MargarethKammerer has been making solo concerts and develop-</nobr>


<nobr>ing a body of work for her first solo release on Christoph Kurzmann’s Charisma</nobr>


<nobr>label. Her solo concerts have been heard at Kule, Raumschiff Citrone,</nobr>


<nobr>sOlODuOtriO festival in Oslo, the Angelica Festival Bologna, Exiles Festival Berlin,</nobr>


<nobr>and Podewil in Berlin.</nobr>


<nobr>Best known for her compositions melding classical and contemporary poetry, gui-</nobr>


<nobr>tar and voice, MargarethKammerer has been involved in numerous cross-disci-</nobr>


<nobr>plinary collaborations—also known as OBLIQUE POP SONGS. She has collaborated</nobr>


<nobr>as both a composer and performer with filmmakers, video artists, theaters, and</nobr>


<nobr>dance ensembles.</nobr>


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