Born as Dieter Kovačič in 1973
Turntablist, hacker, filmmaker, autodidact, composer, collageur, conscientious copyright objector Since the late 1980ies he has explored the possibilities of vinyls, casettes, vinyls, harddisks, ip-protocols etc. as material for collages and compositions. Using various playing techniques and his own lathe cutter, he has pushed the development of turntables as instruments aside "classical dj techniques" and developed his very unique style.
Since the 1990s, he's been active in vienna's electronic-, improvised and noise music scene but also in fields like contemporary composed music, free jazz or pop.
Solo appearances as dieb12, dieb13, dieb14, bot, echelon, Dieter Bohlen...
Long time collaborations include: TWIXT, efzeg, eRikm/dieb13, dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto, swedish azz, phil minton/dieb13, fake the facs, where is the sun, nu ensemble, crsp.
Founder of the klingt.orgestra.
Performances in more than 30 countries on four continents at various international festivals and locations including: Phonotaktik Wien & New York, Wien Modern, Donaufestival Krems, sonicacts Amsterdam, beyond innocence Osaka, LMC festival London, Huddersfield contemporary music festival, Kilbi Düdingen, Maerzmusik Berlin, Kammermusiktage Witten, Musiktage Donaueschingen, Piksel Bergen, CMMAS Morelia, trans art Bozen, great performers an ideas Colorado Springs, Bienale São Paulo.
Distributed by 1.8sec, absurd, amoebic, antifrost, charhizma, col legno, corvo, doc, Durian, en/of, editions mego, erstwhile, filmarchiv austria, for4ears, gruenrekorder, god rec., grob, hathut, index, interstellar, junkjet, loewenhertz, mego, mikroton, moka bar, nottwo, orf, panrec, pilot.fm, rhiz, sixpack, staalplaat, substance, transacoustic research, the manual, trost, unframed recordings.
Music for theater-, dance-, opera-, film- and videoproductions and installations.
His collaborative Films with Billy Roisz were shown at Berlinale, Karlovary Film Festival, IFF Rotterdam, Hongkong Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, SXSW Texas a.m.m. ...
(Co-)Organizer of several festivals and the monthly series "der blöde dritte mittwoch". He was teaching / held workshops at several universities, musical institutes and schools.
dieb13 runs the internet platform klingt.org

dieb13  ©  David Murobi
dieb13 © David Murobi

dieb13 © David Murobi

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