dieb 13/gustafsson/siewert + vinyl terror&horror
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Wednesday, 24 April, 2013 - 20:30

dieb 13/gustafsson/siewert + vinyl terror&horror

Vinyl Terror and Horror
Mats Gustafsson
Martin Siewert

Vinyl Terror and Horror
Greta Christensen – modified turntables, electronics
Camilla Sørensen – modified turntables, electronics

Vinyl Terror and Horror aka Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen have worked together since 2001 modifying, deconstructing and reconstructing turntables and vinyl records, resulting in amazingly detailed and well executed noise compositions, performances and kinetic installations.

(Fake) The Facts
dieb13 – turntables, cigar box
Mats Gustafsson – soprano, slide and tenor sax, live electronics
Martin Siewert – guitars, ring stinger, electronics

With (Fake) The Facts Swedish sax legend Mast Gustafsson comes up with another storming collaboration. Now resident in Vienna he teamed up with experimental artists dieb13 and Martin Siewert for a live and studio session. The result was released by the famous Editions Mego: “A dense fog of sound coming from all directions, but whereas the general impetus is a full on attack the trio finds restraint to create a deeper dynamic and opens the spaces between the walls of noise.”
All three of them are very well known in the field of improv and free jazz, but also in the musical sphere around Jim O’Rourke or Sonic Youth. Innumerable collaborations and recordings give witness of their extensive musicianship.
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A new 7" is to be expected soon!
(Fake) The Facts at Mego: http://editionsmego.com/release/DeMEGO+023

doors open 8:30 pm
concert starts 9:00 pm sharp
8 Euro

Supported by INM


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As part of the series biegungen im ausland

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