Showing: Dancing the Duality

Friday, 05 July, 2024 - 19:00

Showing: Dancing the Duality

Shraddha Prasad
SueKi Yee
Sri Lavanya

We are interested in exploring the duality within our dancing bodies, in particular the interplay between classical (specifically, Bharatanatyam) and contemporary dance. This duality encompasses internal conflicts, cultural intersections, and the navigation between tradition and modernity.

Bharatanatyam is revered for its discipline, structure, and historical lineage; whereas contemporary dance thrives on innovation and individuality. How can these forms co-exist in our bodies? Or in our identities as migrant bodies navigating two worlds? Where do these oppositions converge and diverge in aspects of philosophy, vocabulary, spatial dynamics, choreographic structures, teaching systems, and narrative? As female bodies, we are also interested in researching the gender roles in these dance forms, viewing identity and gender as a fluid spectrum.

It is a dialogue among three bodies and voices, between dance worlds and cultural narratives, reflecting on themes of identity and transformation.

Doors open 19:30
Showing at 20:00

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As part of the series Residenzen

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