Samira Saraya and Neta Weiner Live

Thursday, 08 August, 2024 - 20:00

Samira Saraya and Neta Weiner Live

Samira Saraya
Neta Weiner


Live, loud and kicking - Spoken word, rap, beat, rage and tenderness, the spectacular duo of Saraya and Weiner take you softly by the hand and grasp your heart and body with the magic grip only conjured by true words and sounds; 

Foreshadowing their two days of all the rivers workshops, and a music-board berlin residency for the month of August, the duo will open ausland's doors to dancing light rays caught in spheres - to active and activist, insistent music, text and art deeply committed and involved, and moving by any possible means. 


Neta Weiner and Samira Saraya are an exceptional duo representing a

distinctive voice in Israeli culture.

Neta is the leader and founder of the multilingual Jewish-Arab hip-hop project

System Ali is a musician and a multidisciplinary artist. Throughout the last year,

"Shmuel" - a rap opera created by and starring Neta - has been sold out weeks

in advance and won the Golden Hedgehog prize for best play of 2022. Neta is

also responsible for the soundtrack of the much-anticipated television show

"Madrase" and its theme song.

His music brings together intimate reflections on life and unapologetic, fierce

social commentary. His texts serve unflinching truths while never seizing to

move your body.

In his art, Neta juggles languages and forms of expression. The lyrics combine

Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, and English - four languages that are at the basis of

his creation.

Samira is a Palestinian-Israeli actor, writer, director, spoken word artist, and

LGBTQ activist.

In her early twenties, she began performing as a drag king while working as a

nurse. Saraya's first career breakthrough occurred in 2011 when she landed a

lead role in the booming Israeli TV show Minimum Wage. Saraya won a few

awards in theater and cinema. She won the Best Script award for her short

Polygraph in 2018 at TLVFest.
Saraya has a graduate degree in directing from Tel Aviv University and made

her directing debut with Polygraph in 2020, which features the first openly

lesbian Arab character in cinema.

Weiner and Saraya have collaborated through various art, education, and

activism platforms for the past decade. They shared the stage in countless

concerts in Israel and abroad and led community social campaigns,

educational programs, and guided tours. They were responsible for creating

highly acclaimed pieces such as "Yama," which premiered at the last Israel


Their connection and mutual creation are based on a deep belief in the power

of cultural activism to promote change.

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Doors: 19:30

Concert: 20:00 

Tickets at the door only: sliding scale 10-15



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