Neta Weiner

Neta Weiner



Neta Weiner is the leader and founder of the multilingual Jewish-Arab hip-hop project

System Ali is a musician and a multidisciplinary artist. Throughout the last year,

"Shmuel" - a rap opera created by and starring Neta - has been sold out weeks

in advance and won the Golden Hedgehog prize for best play of 2022. Neta is

also responsible for the soundtrack of the much-anticipated television show

"Madrase" and its theme song.

His music brings together intimate reflections on life and unapologetic, fierce

social commentary. His texts serve unflinching truths while never seizing to

move your body.

In his art, Neta juggles languages and forms of expression. The lyrics combine

Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, and English - four languages that are at the basis of

his creation.


Black and White image of a person with ginger beard and a dockers' cap squatting on a white raised cube, staring directly and intently into the camera/ eyes of the viewer. into
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