DEL © Beatrice Barth
DEL © Beatrice Barth
Hans-Joachim Irmler © Manuel Wagner
Hans-Joachim Irmler © Manuel Wagner
LudwigWittbrodt © Katharina Geling
LudwigWittbrodt © Katharina Geling

Saturday, 02 March, 2024 - 20:30


Emily Wittbrodt
Edis Ludwig
Jonas Dorn
Bill Elgart
Robert Lucaciu
Hans-Joachim Irmler

Doors 20.30 Uhr | Concerts 21 Uhr | Tickets (nur Abendkasse | only at door) € 10,--

Emily Wittbrodt – cello
Edis Ludwig – drums, electronics

DEL+ I (Dorn Elgart Lucaciu + Irmler) 
Jonas Dorn – guitar, toys, effects
Bill Elgart – drums 
Robert Lucaciu – double bass, effects
Hans-Joachim Irmler – keyboards, effects

This opening night of the series biegungen im ausland 2024 features the duo LUDWIG WITTBRODT and the Quartett DEL+ I. Academically trained and autodidact improvisation techniques meet with these two musical acts.

Emily Wittbrodt (cello) and Edis Ludwig (drums, electronics) are LUDWIG WITTBRODT. Their wide awake and unpredictable organic pieces refuse categorisation. Krautrock, early electronic music or contemporary chamber music are just some of the estimated values here. The trained cello player Willbrodt and the self-taught percussionist Ludwig (also known as drummer of the Düsseldorf Düsterboys) hits the soft spot for transparent and efficient arrangements. Instinctively bringing on wonderfully simple musical ideas with a meticulous feeling for time, LUDWIG WITTBRODT creates a maze of sound and melodies, in which one wants to get lost. This will be the release-concert of LUDWIG WITTBRODTs  new album Schleifen, out on Friday, March 1st, via Anna Ott.

The trio DORN ELGART LUCACIU apparently has secret antennas. There is no other explanation for the blind understanding among these musicians. Every now and then their pushing post jazz noise grooves get thrown out of orbit. Guitar player Jonas Dorn, double bass player Robert Lucaciu and the amazing drummer Bill Elgart improvise on the highest level. Imagine the energy of this trio in combination with the dark, sound orientated play of the Faust founding member Hans-Joachim Irmler. A meeting of European and US-American improv traditions including the usage of open cables, spring reverbs, toy pianos, prepared tapes and radios. Expect magical moments.

Supported by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

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