FLUID FORM CLUB #6: 13 Year Cicada x Witch 'n' Monk
Fluid Form Club banner: Witch 'n' Monk ©Camille Blake // 13 Year Cicada ©Aileen Klein
Fluid Form Club banner: Witch 'n' Monk ©Camille Blake // 13 Year Cicada ©Aileen Klein

Witch 'n' Monk ©Camille Blake // 13 Year Cicada ©Aileen Klein

Saturday, 08 June, 2024 - 20:00

FLUID FORM CLUB #6: 13 Year Cicada x Witch 'n' Monk

Witch 'n' Monk
13 Year Cicada

Doors 20:00 | Concerts 21:00 | Ticket price: 10€ advance | 15€ at the door

Presale via eventbrite: www.eventbrite.de/e/fluid-form-club-6-13-year-cicada-x-witch-n-monk-tickets-894449531627

THE FLUID FORM CLUB presents passionately unpredictable music that escapes classification, in a space that brings together a community of curious minds.

This is a monthly series hosted by Witch 'n' Monk who will perform at Fluid Form Club #6 with instrument hackers and euphoric plot twisters 13 Year Cicada. They will be joined by Sanja Star who will perform live visuals throughout the night.

Fluid Form Club #6: 13 Year Cicada x Witch 'n' Monk with Sanja Star on live visuals

13 Year Cicada
are 3 friends who all play samplers plus instruments. Philip plays drums plus sampler, Hotti plays bass plus sampler, Zooey plays keys/sings plus sampler. Their journey as a band reaches back seven years, and their jelling as human and musical collaborators promises many more to come.

All three musicians have a background in jazz which they managed to escape quite early on in their careers - not because they lack the love for the genre but because becoming a part of a less elitist and more diy scene seemed important (ok, also sometimes moshpits are just more fun than chairs). In 2017, with their frst album 'Totem Tongue' they found a beautiful home in Gandula records (Barcelona), proud to share a roster with bands as great as ZA!. They followed up with their second album '00YES' in 2019 and released a single in collaboration with Berlin underground label tomatenplatten ('Fourtrack Mind Vol. 3') in 2021. Throughout these years they got massive help in touring possibilities from both Gandula and tomatenplatten and also the wonderful family of Blaublau Records from Bern/Zurich. 13YC have so far toured Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, France and have some beautiful tour plans for 2022 lined up.

13YC are constantly on the quest to minimize power dynamics, starting with their own way of working. If people could get rid of the divine right of kings, just think what we could do 13 years from now?


Witch 'n' Monk
Defiantly original duo Witch 'n' Monk combine Mauricio Velasierra’s radically electrified Latin American flutes, with Heidi Heidelberg’s jazz-punk guitar/bass and anarchic soprano vocals. The music travels seamlesly from structured arrangements to wild improvisations, using a myriad of control pedals and labyrinthine signal paths to orchestrate live. The essence of their collaboration is encapsulated in the name; dark/light, feminine/masculine, punk/Romantic. Creating contrast is fundamental to their work and thus they tread upon the edges of genres. Celebrated in jazz, contemporary classical and DIY music scenes they have played prestigious venues and festivals such as the Royal Festival Hall, Berlin, London and Umea Jazz Festivals and Paris' La Cigale.

Their latest album was released on John Zorn's legendary Tzadik Records in 2020 to critical acclaim. It was named Contemporary Album of the Month by The Guardian and received the prestigious Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik.

"Blending Latin American flutes, electronics, complex vocal lines with a touch of Frank Zappa lyricism and a radical punk aesthetic, the duo of Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra crafts a dramatically bizarre vocal music from another dimension! Intertwining dark/light, feminine/masculine, composed/improvised and punk/romantic, dreamlike improvisations are sampled, manipulated and reinvented through the lens of contemporary music and pop. You have never heard anything quite like Witch ’n’ Monk!" - John Zorn


Sanja Star
Sanja Star's artistic practice is heavily influenced by the concept of frequencies – the building blocks of the universe according to quantum physics. By delving into the mysterious realm of these vibrations, she seeks to visually represent the hidden workings of the universe and shed light on the enigmatic laws that govern it. Through her work, she aims to encourage viewers to question their understanding of the world around them. By breaking through conventional constraints of traditional media, she hopes to ignite a sense of curiosity in her audience, inviting them to delve deeper into the complexities of our existence. Through her art she also hopes to bridge the gap between science, art and technology, showcasing the beauty and interconnectedness of these seemingly disparate fields.

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