Monday, 11 December, 2023 - 19:30


Line Up: Each set will be 20 - 30' max. 

Cate Hops
Mizuki Ishikawa
Gubbiann & Marina Cyrino
Caroline Tallone & Maria Donath

Visuals by:

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FEM*NOISE is a network of FLINTA* artists from Berlin and beyond.
They engage with NOISE and experimental electronics.
They prioritise FLINTA* acts in their LINE-UPs.
The members of Fem*noise share a feminist mindset of mutual RESPECT and SUPPORT.

an exploratory aural satori whose aim is to present a story obsessed with incompatible sounds.

Dora Bleu & aLL:
Dora Bleu: Psychic conflict poetry with psychedelic sound, in narrative time and twisting bent notes, composed by dreams drifting against state sanctioned and social violence. Dora's songs, stories and emissions are neither composed nor improvisational. 
"[In] the longform narrative structures Geller weaves...the overall mood is malevolent and dark..a sound as comforting as the creak of a noose held tight by a twisting corpse." The Wire

Laura.aLL (aka LauraL, Laura Leiner) is a guitarist, experimental composer and curator.
She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, video and social communication/journalism. Laura's work ranges from experimental art to ambient music, including deep listening, field recordings, psychedelic rock, electroacoustic, noise and minimal.
She also broadcasts the radio show Klang#030 monthly at (Berlin). Her Band M.i.p.V (Músicas intermináveis para Viagem/Endless music for Tripping), a guitar + drums trip rock duo that started in Brazil, turns 20 in 2024.

Cate Hops: 
With a scientific background in visual and media anthropology, her ideas revolve around the concept of space as a social practice. As a DJ, she embeds herself in the Berlin bass scene and fuses ambient, early roots reggae and futuristic sound patterns from all areas. In her recent noise improvisations Cate Hops uses different objects, self made instruments and hacked toys as she also experiments with effected voice and invented language. Social Media: @cate0hops (insta),

Mizuki Ishikawa: 
Mizuki Ishikawa is an improvisation/sound artist based in Berlin. In her improvisation, she experiments the border of a performance: what can be a performance and what cannot, by bringing everyday objects onto the stage. She uses sound as her primary material, manipulates the acoustic of the environment using self-built electronic devices and feedback.

Gubbian & Marina Cyrino:
GubbiAnn is based in Berlin, is for the moment a discreet sound dis/comfort zone of person/s usually seen performing live with other names, constellations, and performance tools. Noise, ambient, improvisation, DIY, solidarity and collective collaboration, are not only methods but objectives to aim to.

Marina Cyrino is a Brazilian flautist and sound artist based in Berlin, working across improvisation, composition and performative installations. She is a member of the Brazilian experimental music label Seminal Records.

Caroline Tallone & Maria Donath:
Caroline Cecilia Tallone // K Lì 
>>Electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy, amplified objects, composition<<
Born in Switzerland, she lives in Berlin and works as musician and luthier. 
Used to live in Cremona and Milano, collaborated and played all over Europe with several italian ensembles, orchestras and singer-songwriters. 
With a background of classical, antique and folk music, she ́s now into experimental, electroacoustic and improvised music with her modified electroacoustic hurdy gurdy.
She has played in many electronic impro noise festivals in Milan (I), Oslo (NO), Berlin, Leipzig and Munich (D), Zurich and Aarau (CH). She has participated in artistic residencies in Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania. 
She collaborates with many musicians and performers active in Berlin and international scene and is also involved in sound research for dance, live video projections and short films.
She is working on research projects in the construction of classical and experimental musical instruments.
She has recorded several CDs.
Soundcloud >>
Facebook >>
Hurdy+ Projekt >>
BasTa! >>
Reanimation Orchestra >>

Marie Donath is a socialy engaged artist, shadow performer, puppetfilmanimator and art pedagogist. 
She attended the University of the Arts London specializing in Fine Art, New Media. 2017 she founded the Mottili Theatre. 
With the interplay of analogue projections, puppetry, kinetic art installations and sound it is creating illusions, that reflect on our dreams and realities.

Door open: 7:30PM
Concerts: 8:00PM
Tickets: €10 at the door (€5 social price)

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