Emitter Micro 4. A festival of sound
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Friday, 19 May, 2017 - 20:30

Emitter Micro 4. A festival of sound

Hsiao Li-Chi
Lan Cao
Sayori Izawa

Emitter Micro Festival is a 3-day event for sound art in the form of performances, installations or compositions. Curated by Kris Limbach, Pierce Warnecke and Seiji Morimoto. Emitter Micro embraces all forms of contemporary sound practices and genres, whether they be electronic or acoustic, digital or analog, installed or performed, improvised or composed.

The 4th edition of the EMITTER MICRO Festival is taking place at AUSLAND, SPEKTRUM and ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz and proposes a selection of international and berlin based artists from multiple contemporary sound practices and genres.

Doors 20:00 | Start 21:00 | Fb event

- Hsiao Li Chi
- Cao Thanh Lan
- Sayori Izawa (video)

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