Auguste Vickunaite / Ishikawa&Morimoto / Simon Whetham

Auguste Vickunaite: Alanas Gurinas Seiji Morimoto: Haruka Akagi Mizuki Ishikawa: Jacek Chmiel Simon Whetham: Stan Carpenter

Saturday, 16 March, 2024 - 20:30

Auguste Vickunaite / Ishikawa&Morimoto / Simon Whetham

Auguste Vickunaite
Mizuki Ishikawa
Seiji Morimoto
Simon Whetham

Doors 20.30 Uhr | Concerts 21 Uhr | Tickets (Box Office) € 10,--

Auguste Vickunaite – reel-to-reel tape recorders

Mizuki Ishikawa – electronics & objects
Seiji Morimoto – electronics & objects

Simon Whetham – kinetic sound performance, electronics & objects

Auguste Vickunaite is a sound performer with a background in physics science.
She mainly uses reel-to-reel tape recorders to play, record, and create sounds that contain diverse field recordings, malfunctions of the old technology itself and intentional sounds/instruments recorded in natural environments. Her performance will contain audio tape loops and found tapes collage.

Seiji Morimoto is a Japanese artist based in Berlin Germany since 2003 who works in performance, composition and installation. He focuses on fragile, unstable acoustic phenomena between everyday objects and technological media. The search for small, differentiated structures and the attempt to discover these random phenomena through and within technological media determine his work. Morimoto runs the label emitter micro with Kris Limbach and Pierce Warnecke and is also the curator of the concert series Experimentik at Tik in Berlin.
Mizuki Ishikawa is an improvisation/sound artist based in Berlin. She improvises with everyday objects and self-built electronics to experiment with what can and cannot be a performance.

Simon WhethamSuccessive Actions
Successive Actions is part of a larger kinetic sound performance project “Channelling”, in which a collection of motor devices salvaged from obsolete and discarded consumer technology is activated by environmental sound recordings. In turn, this produces new sounds from the devices, which are amplified using various microphones and techniques. The recordings feature seemingly mundane sound phenomena that occur unpredictably and irregularly in everyday life - passing traffic, wind, doors closing - and because of this, the movement of the devices is random, variable, and autonomous. Through this the relationship between Performer and devices is a collaboration rather than a master and servant type situation.
The project continues to change and adapt to its environment. The performance and method of presentation evolve and refine with each iteration. Devices are added to the collection or retired, and the sounds change according to the location, causing new triggers and movement of the devices. The current version of the performance gives the audience two intimate views of the performing devices on a split screen allowing them to watch the performance and the detail of the devices actions.
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