Mario de Vega

Mario de Vega

Mario de Vega - Electronics

born in Mexico City, 1979

His work overlaps relations between stability, failure, simulation and ambiguity with site-specific interventions, sound events, process-oriented projects, sculpture, modified electronics and sound improvisation.

As an improviser, his practice explores the value of fragility & in-determination involving a wide range of customized objects, analog and modified electronics, turntables and computer based interfaces in different combinations. He performs both solo and in collaborations with numerous other musicians exploring the tension between analog and digital media

His work produces acoustic situations for specific spaces using the context to generate ambiguous relations through sound and has appeared in Galleries, Museums, Concert Halls & unconventional spaces throughout Europe, Mexico, United States, Canada, Russia, Korea and Japan.




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Mario de Vega

As part of the festival Taking Things Apart

As part of the festival "Alter Schwede!" 2

As part of the festival Echtzeitmusiktage

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