TRIO_piktogramm Duo Koole-Vorfeld

Friday, 01 December, 2023 - 20:00

TRIO_piktogramm Duo Koole-Vorfeld

Matthias Koole
Rieko Okuda
Michael Vorfeld
Matthias Koole

Doors 20.00 | Concerts 20.30 | Tickets (Box Office) € 10,--

Okuda Wissel Gerigk
Consisting of three virtuoso musicians,
keyboard wizzard Rieko Okuda,
sound-chameleon Georg Wissel (saxophone) and the versatile, bustling bassist Jonas Gerigk,
this new collective embarks on a captivating sonic journey, weaving complex melodies and textures in real time.
Each member brings a unique musical perspective, merging their different backgrounds and influences into a single, unified sound.
influences into an organic and constantly evolving sound.
Their performances are characterized by a spirit of discovery, unpredictability and an unwavering dedication to creative expression.
At the ensemble's concerts, the audience is invited to embrace the unknown and surrender to the unpredictable
nature of the music, which can evolve from an impressionistic exploration of sounds to an energetic expression and vice versa.
Each performance becomes a unique experience, with the trio constantly exploring the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of improvised music.

Duo Koole-Vorfeld

Matthias Koole - electric guitar
Michael Vorfeld - percussion

Mathias Koole and Michael Vorfeld played together as a duo the first time already in 2011 before presenting their second duo concert in 2023. As 12 years before, their interplay is characterized by an intense and dense musical flow. Unorthodox playing techniques and a strong sense of collectively arranged sound fields create an immersive and absolutely live concert experience.

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