The Lappetites // İpek Odabaşı & Ignaz Schick
The Lappetites © Kontraklang
The Lappetites © Kontraklang

The Lappetites © Kontraklang

Friday, 11 October, 2024 - 20:30

The Lappetites // İpek Odabaşı & Ignaz Schick

Antye Greie-Ripatti
Kaffe Matthews
Ryoko Akama
İpek Odabaşı
Ignaz Schick

Doors 20.30 Uhr | Concerts 21 Uhr | Tickets (only at door) € 10,--

The Lappetites
Antye Greie-Ripatti/AGF – vocals, electronics
Kaffe Matthews – electronics 
Ryoko Akama – electronics

İpek Odabaşı & Ignaz Schick
İpek Odabaşı – cdjs, electronics
Ignaz Schick – turntables, sampler, electronics

The Lappetites work in the formation of founder Kaffe Matthews, Antye Greie-Ripatti/AGF and Ryoko Akama. The name is a contraction of laptop and appetite. The laptop, for a long time the fetish creation instrument of the musicians and performers who are part of this collective born in 2002. The appetite for exploration, improvisation, the stage, the appetite to work together. Their work includes a collaboration with the French composer Eliane Radigue on her composition Elemental II (2002). In 2014 a residency at EMS Stockholm resulted in an audiovisual performance project titled: Borderless. Since, multiple transcending musical concepts have been developed and furthered with each of the resulting performances. Sonic concepts of text based speculative fiction, translated biological evolution into sine wave growing, noise improvisation are part of the trio’s output. Kaffe Matthews’ decade long experience of spacial live sound, Ryoko Akama’s sonic sensitivity with synthesizer and AGF’s digital and vocal execution bring a dynamic spectrum in sound without borders.

The sound artist and composer Ignaz Schick has made an international name for himself as a busy collaborator in the field of experimental music. Noise artist and DJ İpek Odabaşı works with intense sounds and hard, distorted beats. Both have known each other from the Berlin improvisation and experimental music scene for many years. For biegungen im ausland, the newly formed duo will combine İpek Odabaşıs electronic beat abstractions with the haptic, electro-acoustic turntablism of Ignaz Schick. Two seemingly incompatible worlds merge into a dense and energetic musical landscape full of playful details and surprising twists and turns.

Supported by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

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