S E N S A R with St.Eggs
by Esra Gultekin

Saturday, 17 February, 2024 - 20:00

S E N S A R with St.Eggs

We are very happy to announce that SenSar will give a spontaneous concert at ausland, as the Gazino Neukölln concert had to be postponed because of illness. They´ll perform with their guest Ege Özoral aka DJ St. Eggs, renowned as one of Anatolia's finest DJ´s, contriibuting with his priceless vinyl collection

SenSar was formed by various musicians in a shared apartment in Istanbul. Playing together spontaneously at home on the roof terrace, the band gradually took its first steps. It continued with small concerts at events. When the band members moved to other countries, the band initially disbanded. Now the members Mithat Can Öner and Metin Yerkan live in Berlin, meet and play their own compositions and covers in Turkish. The songs have different forms, melodies and emotions. There is no clear line in the styles of the songs. They find their form with the feelings that come from within.

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