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Skylla/Ruth Goller

Tuesday, 08 August, 2023 - 16:29

Ruth Goller

laid the foundation for the socalled British jazz renaissance, among other things with her "thundering bass guitar hooks" praised by the Guardian. For her, jazz is much more improvisation, which can also cross over into reggae or hip hop, than a rigid construct of a genre. Goller represents an explosive mix of jazz skill and punk attitude. 
She wanted to make music - that's why she moved from the Italian Alps to London at the age of 18 and studied at the renowned Middlesex University, now living in London and playing both electric and double bass. Over the years she has been involved in a long, impressive list of fascinating projects, from Acoustic Ladyland and its follow-up Melt Yourself Down to The Golden Age of Steam, Metamorphic and World Sanguine Report.
Their album Skylla was named one of the ten best jazz albums of 2021 by the Guardian.

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