Maria Gilbert

Friday, 01 December, 2023 - 13:23

Naomi Sanfo

My name is Naomi Sanfo-Ansorge, I am 31 years old, I live in Hamburg and I am working as a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer as well as a dramaturg for artistic audidescription for dance an music theatre in Hamburg and Berlin. Since february 2022 I perform for Chorosom dance company in different productions, I lead e.g. inclusive workshops in dance (theatre) for children and adults and I teach workshops around the topics of artistic audiodescription and the aesthetics of access. In April 2024 I did an experimental artistic residency for the Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim where we explored how to create young theatre as a more sensual experience for all and find ways how to make the institution more accessible for blind and visually impaired audiences on structural side. I live with a degenerative visual impairment and I connect my work as a dancer and performer with my personal way of reception and the diverse perspectives of an audience with visual impairments. Since two years I work as a dramaturg for artistic audiodescription and I advise productions during the rehearsal process for example at Kampnagel Hamburg. As a dancer I try to create poetic phrases which are combined and connected with my movements to describe my way of dance for visually impaired and blind people in the audience. In addition I integrate audiodescription as well as other sensitive aesthetic tools from the beginning of the choreographic process.
I aim to make stage art accessible for every person and I work for the empowerment of artists with visual impairments to work in accessible surroundings. It is important for me to understand “tools for accessability” as an inspiration and creative impulse for my art.

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