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Tuesday, 08 August, 2023 - 16:29

Lucio Capece

Lucio Capece - Bass Clarinet.
Experimental musician born in Argentina in 1968. Lives in Europe since 2002, and specifically in Berlin since 2004. He plays the soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, analog electronics (synthesizers, equalizers on feedback), Sruti Box and a set of Wire less speakers that fly hanging from Helium Balloons.
Educated as a Jazz and Classical musician in Argentina-Lyon and New York Capece,  developed his work in the context of electro acoustic improvisation for over 15 years. At the moment, and since 2010 he focuses his sound work on the perceptual experience. Creating pieces that deal with specific characteristics of social and architectural spaces, and with the perception experience itself. He has done this through his solo pieces mainly , as well as collaborations also based in the same interest.
He has released around 25 Cd ́s and LP ́s, in labels like Mego ( Austria), PAN (Germany) B-Boim (Austria), Potlatch (France) , Another Timbre (England), Formed (USA) , Mikroton (Russia), Organized Music from Thessaloniki (Greece), Leaf (England), among others.
Among other projects In 2007 he directed the Project "Extended Modulator", composing and performing music for and with the "Licht- Raum Modulator", kinetic sculpture built by László Moholy-Nagy between 1922- 1930. The piece was offered at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin.

As an improviser Capece has shared projects and released music with Radu Malfatti, Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm, Axel Dörner. Robin Hayward, Christian Kesten, Toshimaru Nakamura, Burkhard Beins. Rhodri davies, Julia Eckhardt, among others.
As a performer he has worked with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Ablinger, Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Christian Wolff, Phill Niblock as part of the Ensemble Q-O2 from Belgium  and the group Konzert Minimal from Berlin. He has been member of the Vladislav Delay Quartet.

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