Lilli Kuschel Atlas Cinema and Visiting Seneca

Sunday, 03 December, 2023 - 20:00

Lilli Kuschel Atlas Cinema and Visiting Seneca

Doors 20.00 | Start 20.30

Atlas Cinema, 22 min, 2013

On the vast expanses of a Moroccan desert, the imposing sets of a film studio compete with the spectacular landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. 
What begins like a reportage about tourism in unusual places blends almost imperceptibly with the diffuse echoes of past media efforts. 
The soundtracks of sequences shot here for a biblical film adaptation or major films such as Lawrence of Arabia begin, and the film's editing sequence transitions into an exact replication of the shots from these films. 
The holy Kaaba is a wooden shed, tourists running through the picture involuntarily take on roles and Muslim extras remain in waiting positions before they have to play Christians. 
The emotional turmoil created by the sound and music effects of the films quoted works even without actors and despite the crumbling sets and their visible backs. The blending of film and reality is perfect. 
(Text: Heinz Emigholz)

Visiting Seneca, 40 min, 2023

"Visiting Seneca" observes the act of filmmaking: Robert Schwentke's "Seneca", starring John Malkovich, was shot in the heat and wind of the Moroccan desert. 
Lilli Kuschel's film examines the process of filmmaking itself and shows the hyper-focused, challenging and absurd reality on set. 

As part of the series [auslands-filme]

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