Hearth © Sara Anke
Olaf Rupp © Olaf Rupp

Hearth © Sara Anke | Olaf Rupp © Olaf Rupp

Saturday, 25 November, 2023 - 20:30


Olaf Rupp
Kaja Draksler
Ada Rave
Mette Rasmussen
Susana Santos Silva

Doors 20.30 Uhr | Concerts 21 Uhr | Tickets (AK | Box Office) € 10,--

Kaja Draksler – piano
Ada Rave – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Mette Rasmussen – alto saxophone
Susana Santos Silva – trumpet 

Olaf Rupp – acoustic and electric guitar 

Hearth is a quartet that unites 4 unique voices on their dedicated instruments: Kaja Draksler on piano, Ada Rave on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Mette Rasmussen on alto saxophone and Susana Santos Silva on trumpet. 
All four are established in the European scene and far beyond, performing on the most important stages, both as leaders of their own groups and in various highly acclaimed projects. Hearth released their first album Melt via Clean Feed in April 2021.
"A tapestry of musical textures" is how Linda Cooper describes the music of Hearth. "These four instrumentalists have embraced the unknown, the freedom to take unaccustomed directions in compelling ways, giving the listener refreshing musical experiences." 
Peter Margasak wrote in Downbeat Magazine, October 2016 "The quartet moved seamlessly between serene sibilance, chaotic chatter and articulate conversation."

Olaf Rupp plays Improvised Music on the acoustic and electric guitar. The organic flow of his music is guided neither by chance nor by dominant, willful decisions. To him the same level of focus and attentive energy should be present in loud and fast music as well as in softer, more subdued kind of playing. In all his music he explores how motion-clusters can be perceived as one agglomerated sound in motion. This means that every note is a dot in a higher matrix and its color is more important than the position of that note in any hierarchic classification system. So a sequence of notes creates a moving sound, not a melody. And the intrinsic color of every note is more important than the melodic or harmonic burden which the listener may or may not put on it. 
Besides many cooperations five solo albums are published so far on the labels FMP, RELATIVE PITCH, GROB and GLIGG.

Supported by Berlin Senate Departement for Culture and Community.
Presented by Digital in Berlin.

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