Saturday, 23 March, 2024 - 18:00


opening times:

Sa 18-22 Uhr
So 15-20 Uhr


Over the past decades, countless audio effects have been created. From early reverb and echo devices to various guitar pedals and expensive studio multi-effects, most have one thing in common: a focus on reverb and delay, i.e. the imitation of space.

Echochamber is a quadraphonic sound installation exploring the sonic possibilities of multiple effects units by working with the sound of the effects themselves.

Hanno Leichtmann has therefore used a personal selection of spatial effects, including tape echoes, spring reverbs, analogue delays and early digital echo/reverbs, to create a multi-layered and unique soundscape by arranging them in various - often adventurous - effect chains, triggered mainly by electronic percussive sounds covering all frequency ranges.

In general, the effects units here are not used to enhance or fatten up the sounds, but the effects and their unique sound are the centrepiece and the main instruments of the project.

Over the course of two days, a surreal and experimental soundscape will be created, offering the visitor an ever-changing and somehow dystopian listening experience.

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