Eavesdrop Festival day 2
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Friday, 17 November, 2017 - 21:00

Eavesdrop Festival day 2

Felicity Mangan
Silje Nes
Giulia Vismara
Jasmine Guffond
Felicity Mangan
Jessica Ekomane
Du Champ
Biblo - Pinar Üzeltüzenci

EAVESDROP FESTIVAL - exploring how digital cultures have fundamentally altered our experience of both music and the world


Giulia Vismara (IT)
Giulia Vismara is focused on electroacoustic composition, sound installations and music for live electronics. She is particularly interested in the action of listening and spatialization. Currently, as a PhD researcher at IUAV, Venice, she is investigating the mutual relationship between architectural spaces and sound. giuliavismara.com/work

Browser Ensemble
Jasmine Guffond (AU/DE), Jessica Ekomane (FR/DE), Felicity Magnan (AU/DE)
The Browser Ensemble literally browse online, utilising the Listening Back browser plug-in to translate internet cookies in sound. Named after the computer science term “magic cookie” internet cookies are commonly used for data profiling by advertising, corporations and governments, by placing a small file on the user’s computer. The relative invisibility of digital surveillance, and the proliferation of capitalist modes of online surveillance has both intensified and rendered ambivalent our relationships to being surveyed. Sound will provide a means for listening back to some of the imperceivable surveillance infrastructures that form our habitual online browsing.

Du Champ (IT/DE)
Du Champ is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin and focused on drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, which her mother used to fix her hair. Her first solo album “NAR” was released in 2013 with Boring Machines. In 2014 Idiosyncratics released a split tape and her new work will be released on tape by Full Body Massage records. soundcloud.com/duchamp-1

Biblo (TR)
Biblo (or Pinar Üzeltüzenci, born 1979) is an Istanbul based artist and musician, holding degrees both in Modern Literature and Sound Design. As Biblo she has published self-released albums and EPs, and on labels such as Quetzi Recordings (2010), Terranian Recordings (2012), EICV7” (2012), Aentitainment (2013), Tektosag Records and C sides Records (2014).  biblo.bandcamp.com/

Sigourney Skywalker will close the night behind her turntables

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