Sunday, 16 October, 2022 - 20:00

Christin Turner

Einlass/Entrance: 20:00 
Beginn/ Start: 20:30 

I have been debating where to go with the screening, and I suppose it’s more important to show where I am headed vs. where I have been. I think the series will be cracking open my relationship to mystery, ritual, and landscape. The program is 60 minutes long. The three most recent films are commissions, wherein I explored ideas in order to expand Vesuvius at Home into an experimental essay revealing how a mysterious mural depicting a Dionysian woman’s cult can unlock ancient secrets of Pompeii, Cinema and the Self. 



Born to be Yves Klein Blue (2016) - HD, 5min
What Happens to the Mountain (2016) - HD & 16mm, 12 min
Vesuvius at Home (2018) - HD, S8, 16mm, 14 min
Vulkan im Wörlitz (2019) - 16mm, 5 min
A Dream in Red (2020) - HD, 16mm, 35mm Nitrate, 11 min
Hymn to Dionysus (Born of Semele) (2022) - HD, 5 min
Hymn to Dionysus (The Liberator) (2022) - HD, 8 min 


As part of the series [auslands-filme]

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