John Wiese/Sudden Infant

Wednesday, 16 January, 2008 - 22:30

John Wiese/Sudden Infant

Sudden Infant


John Wiese is a solo artist and serial collaborator from Los Angeles, California.
His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, with plenty of freelance work with many artists as diverse as Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, Dave Phillips, Smegma, Kevin Drumm, Cattle Decapitation, and C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core).
He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering Europe, Scandinavia and Australia as a member of Sunn O))), the UK as part of the Free Noise tour (a tentet including Evan Parker, C. Spencer Yeh, Yellow Swans, etc.), the United States alongside Wolf Eyes, and recently performed in the 52nd Venice Biennale with artist Nico Vascellari.

"Wiese excels in making clean, precise cuts between drastically different sounds, building a drop-dead dynamic capable of stepping from almost-absent rumbles and hums to furious noise bursts. (...) He's always in control, the master of a sonic domain that reaches far-and-wide, high-and-low with enthusiasm and magnetism. It's as though he collects a world of sound and spits it out piecemeal-- methodically, dramatically, emphatically-- through a morphing matrix designed for ricochets. Falling in love with a sliver of sound only to be slapped senselessly by something totally unrelated? It's as maddening as it is exhilarating."

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Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant creates an unique blend of physical sound-poetry and dadaistic vocal expression, using contact microphones, prerecorded soundloops and noises.
The result is abrupt Musique Concrète juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorienting electronics. It's a fragmented field of sound that comes to its own autonomy!

Born in Switzerland, now based in Berlin, Joke Lanz is presenting his work since more than 20 years all over the world.
Music for contemporary dance, theatre, sound-installations and short-films. Innumerable releases on international labels e.g. Schimpfluch, Entr'acte, RRR, Tochnit Aleph, Blossoming Noise, SSSM, Artware, Klanggalerie, MSBR.

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