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Thursday, 27 April, 2006 - 23:00


Ignaz Schick
Ignaz Schick
Aaron Snyder
Jason Forrest


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blindsnakesssss: Ignaz Schick (turntables), Aaron Snyder (drums), Jason Forrest (laptop, shouts)

Foto: marco.microbi (

+ Drescher: Konrad Wilde (guitar, drum), Christinal Ertl (bass, dance), Rachel (drums)

+ Jan Zimmermann und Meik Sülzle aka Vinylizer rmx version - live vinyl remix of blindsnakessss

+ DJ's



Formed by Ignaz Schick and Jason Forrest upon performing together at Berlin’s Cobra sessions, the duo quickly realized they needed some more muscles to realize their vision. Aaron Snyder, drummer of the group The Assdroids just arrived in Berlin, and he needed a work out. The sound of the group simply existed from the very first second they began to play together. Blindsnakes is basically the sound of a horrible head-on accident between brutal noize, Freejazz, Breakcore, and Grindcore all at the same time. The unlikely but extremely loud combination of experimental turntables, laptop and live drums might just blow the cities power supply. Blindsnake was created with a drive to just recklessly fuck shit up, but then they realized that the softer edges of each member gave the group a deeper sound, but then they switched their minds again and decided to still just fuck shit up anyway.






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