Residency : Lee, Maya & Roni

Samstag, 13 März, 2021 - 17:18

Residency : Lee, Maya & Roni

26 Mar 2021 - 16:18



The premise of this residency is friendship and artistic collaboration between Lee, Maya and Roni. These relationships have been taking form in various constellations and roles over the  last 7 years of our life and work in Berlin. In our resumé as artists and friends we shared spaces  and infiltrated each other’s practices as co/choreographers, performers, teachers, cooks,  dramaturgs, curators, dreamers, costume designers, thinkers, writers, and more. We like to  think of our togetherness as an island of solidarity which functions as a subversive ecosystem within the capitalistic structures we operate in; a recharging force that creates stability and  movement, that fills us with joy, comfort and inspiration, and offers support in times of crisis. 

In ausland we will work through the lens of friendship and care, for the first time without pre-established roles. We will spend time meeting new parts of ourselves, sharing resources, retelling our past and celebrating the unknown future. We will work together on the  impossible preparation for uncertain times where nothing is as we know it to be. Do you know me better than I know myself? How can the knowledge you have about me deepen my relation to my own self and artistic work? In what way is our long term friendship also an artistic  practice, one that informs our concept of work, consciously or unconsciously? 



Artist Biographies:


Roni Katz lives and works in Berlin as a choreographer, performer and many other things. Through a steady practice of expanded choreography Roni is looking for the apt medium to  manifest personal-political matters, sometimes finding the stage elsewhere, when  choreographing events, installations and conversations. Since hearing the earth she is doing her best not to consume plastic. She is obsessed with politics of self- care (as warfare), love and power structures and enjoys collaborating with friends and otherwise. 


Maya Weinberg is a choreographer, teacher and dramaturg, based in Berlin since 2013. She creates work often collaborating with dance, music, visual-art and performance artists. In her work she is interested in raising basic questions about the medium of performance while offering unexpected ways of dealing with the tragic-comic gap that exists between language and unexpressed intentions. She studied at Seminar Hakibutzim College of Arts and  Technology in Tel Aviv and worked as a dancer at Yasmeen Godder Company for eight years. She was a teacher at Godder`s school, as well as other schools and academies such as The  School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and HZT- Berlin. Her works have been presented in  platforms such as: Curtain Up festival Tel Aviv, Tanztage Berlin, Montag Modus Berlin a.o. She  created two pieces for Fattoria Vittadini Dance Company in Milan (Milan Oltre festival). She collaborates with artists such as: Antonia Baehr, Juliana Piquero, Lee Meir, Maya M. Caroll,  a.o.. Her latest work 'Missspelled' the first part of a Trilogy dealing with the topic of Spell and Spelling was commissioned by Hazira, a Performance Art Arena in Jerusalem and supported by The Israeli Lottery Foundation, has Premiered in 2018-2019 in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Berlin. She is currently working as a dramaturg with Roni Katz and Bar Alteras, and with Danny  Neyman. 


Lee Méir is a Jerusalem born, Berlin based freelance choreographer, performer and costume  designer. Her work explores the tension(s) between language, movement, sound, and meaning production. Lee has been developing her solo practice since 2011, which she sees as a home  base to go from and come back to when lost in the wild wild west of contemporary art. Simultaneously she works in collaborative formats as a way to destabilise individual ideas and practice forms of togetherness. Lee’s works are presented internationally in platforms such as: Tanz im August Berlin, Brighton Festival, Heidelberg Tanzbiennale, Roter Salon at the Volksbühne Berlin,  Tanzquartier Vienna. In 2019 she has been awarded the Pina Bausch Fellowship in cooperation  with L’Ecole des Sables in Senegal, in 2020 she is collaborating with the Swiss director Boris  Nikitin, on 24 Images per Second, and premiering her new piece by the way, a participatory  performance about death for young audiences, as part of explore dance network at fabrik Potsdam.

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