Performance "BE"
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Mittwoch, 07 Dezember, 2016 - 21:00

Performance "BE"

Frank Bretschneider
Tomoko Nakasato
Marcello Lussana

Performance ''BE ''

Sound modular system with movement art Performance

In terms of ''A be B'', the relation of A which is position in Space of B is indicated. B indicates the place of A's existence.

Various movements of dance create characteristics and expressions. The music changes the space and your feelings.
I intended to shrink the sense of distance between movement & sound to a closer  situation. I might be even triggering words with the moments.

Frank Bretschneider is a composer and musician (co-founder of raster-noton)
Marcello Lussana is a composer, software engineer and free thinker specialized in interactive systems.
Tomoko Nakasato is a freeform dancer and choreographer who works in different projects &  improvised performances with music & visuals etc...

This is a collaboration is about direct interaction between dance and music with the help of body sensors which are directly connecting movements & sound.

Dance: Tomoko Mio

Music: Frank Bertschneider

Interactive sensor system programming: Marcello Lussana

As part of the series Residenzen

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