Cristina Maldonado Residency
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Donnerstag, 07 Dezember, 2017 - 01:00

Cristina Maldonado Residency


Cristina Maldonado 

Residency in ausland --- 1st to 7th of December 2017


as part of the Alfred ve Dvoře/Prague - ausland/Berlin residency extravaganza!


The residency time period will be used to continue working in two projects that have at some point had the support of Alfred v Dvoře:


1. - Blavatsky Society- Premiered 30.4 2016 in Alfred ve Dvoře

3 days residency in Ausland to create a video art piece with the documentation of the performance and to present a sound performance improvisation with all the collected interviews and recordings used in the premier.

Collaborators: Šárka Zahálková, Jennifer Helia DeFelice and Lea Kukovičič, Lamija Čehajić, Theresa Schrezenmeir, Isabela Juchniewicz


2. - What She Does- Series of projects for live film intervention. 4 days residency in Ausland to create the choreography and visual effects and an open rehearsal for showing the results. This project will continue developing in 2 days residency at Alfred ve Dvoře and presented as a work in progress the 11 of December.

Collaborators: Petra Hauerová



As part of the series Residenzen

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