ALMENDE / נחלת הכלל
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Dienstag, 04 Februar, 2020 - 01:00

ALMENDE / נחלת הכלל

Keren Ida Nathan / Ida Wilde

12 Feb 2020 - 23:00



residency 4-12.02.2020 


ALMENDE / נחלת הכלל

Almende;  All mending, care of all, commons  /  נחלת הכלל (Nahalat Ha Clal): Common source, belonging to all, commons.


This research period, is a space and time set aside to enact a temporary commons, and among other subjects, to discuss what the commons is itself, and what it is, in collective art practices and structures. The invitation is to come together to discuss and formulate ideas and strategies for sustaining artistic commons, as well as intersectionalizing these art practices, with activist struggles for protecting lands and peoples from extractive interests. 


As part of the series Residenzen

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