Alltagskammer presents: Demonstration
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Mittwoch, 24 Dezember, 2014 - 12:00

Alltagskammer presents: Demonstration

24 Dec 2014 - 23:00


As part of their residency in ausland from 22-28 December, Villa Kuriosum presents an everyday collection of curiosites.  

Today:  a 'proper' political demo through Prenzlauer Berg!

We cordially invite you to meet at the caravan ("das Wohnei") in front of ausland territories at 11h - please be on time!  We plan to take a curious walk of sorts through the community (with a wholesome surprise to be unveiled upon attendance!)


"Excerpts of Now" 

Since the late Renaissance "Wunderkammer" means a collection of curiosities representing the world: stuffed animals, weird weapons, exotic souvenirs and unique early automats were presented in one room for deep astonishment of all visitors.  "Things never seen before" became the contemporary replacement of the classcial miracle.  Different to those (art) chambers of aristocrats or extremely rich people, the collection of our association follows a different line:  We believe that the 'real' miracle can only be found in everyday life! (Hence: Alltagskammer!)

As Ambassadors of "Alltagskammer" we want to present you a traveller's collection of curiosities from their hous in Berlin-Lichteberg and hope you enjoy the installation.  

("...cause nothing can be more exotic than reality!")

As part of the series Residenzen

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