All the rivers Flash residency: UNS //

Montag, 11 November, 2024 - 10:00

All the rivers Flash residency: UNS //

Sami Belatra
Yasmin Sun
Inès Lamari

We will work on an invocation ritual through food and sound to provoke reflection on colonial power dynamics. Inspired by ‘UNS’, a Sufi practice, we create an immersive performance intertwining communal dining with sonic offerings.

We engage deeply with food and sound to reimagine narratives and foster solidarity through collaborative creation. Our approach prioritizes Global South Feminism, Anti-Colonialism, and Interdisciplinary Exchange. By invoking ancient traditions and initiating new forms of interaction, we offer participants a space to explore key questions: What are new forms of solidarity we can foster as a community? What does radical hospitality mean, and how can it act as a counter-narrative to late capitalist greed culture and individualism? Which forms of practices through sound, space and food can disrupt our current conditioning?

There will be a public event the 15.11.24. More information to come!

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As part of the series All The Rivers

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