The Understated Brown

The Understated Brown

The Understated Brown are:

Boris Hauf - synths, organ, saxophone, vocals
Thomas Meadowcroft - organ, vocals
Steve Heather - drums, percussion, vocals

what people say about TUB :

"The Understated Brown (aka TUB) nimmt viel seine Repertoire aus die Abstammungslinie, 'Classic Rock' (z.B. Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra, Boston) und gestaltet in spanndende Kontinuum von Schleifen und Reifen für elektronische Orgel, analog Synth und Schlagzeug um. Wir machen das so daß die Jugend von Heute die Gelegenheit hat, diese oft übersehene aber einzigartig Gattung von Unterhaltungsmusik in einem live musikalische Einstellung zu erfrahren und genießen zu können." FORMATION HO

what people say about TUBs musicians :
"He's got an enormous dynamic range combined with a unique ability to set down a groove. Not the sort of drummer that you often come across. He explores the percussive possibilities of cacti, coke bottles, chopsticks and shells, in combination with a sampler hooked up to his "rubbish tip" drum set." DRAAI OM JE OREN

One of Australia's foremost performers in improvised music and structured sound. ROSS HASLEDINE, ROADHOUSE PRESS

A music of discomfort which proceeds through blown up sequences (with brutal variations of volume) or interferences (feedback effects through the amplification of the organ) to reach an inexpressible purity. - Le Monde

Here on "Clark" he comes up with: his own techno music. Stripped bare of all unnecessary elements, adding his own sometimes creepy sounds, such as high pitched frequencies in 'Hit Me With Your Pet Shark' which gives this dance music a weird twist and certainly makes this less useful for your next rave. .. Certainly weird for techno music, but pleasant enough to be throughout entertaining and breaking away from the well-covered territories of microsound. VITAL WEEKLY (NL)

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