TESTCARD - the brain machine

Testcard, led by misconstructionist artist, Adrian Shephard, are a confrontational performance group, exploring the mind-body phenomenon.

Formed in 1993 Testcard, research range from Ouija board transmissions to brain frequency, E.V.P and mind/body experiments, seeking answers to hidden truths through intuitive approaches. Testcard have performed in Russia, Berlin, Paris, Kiev and Tate Modern in London.

The brain machine was built by Testcard in 1999 and based on Brion Gysin's Dream Machine. The brain machine is a bio-feedback 'soft' installation where people can experience the waves of the human mind by entering into a 'sound and vision' space vibrating to the beats of a single persons thought patterns.

Transmit explores the power of focussed consciousness within a collective situation, seeking to go beyond the boundaries of the body using frequency technology to 'tune' the brain like a radio receiver, opening it to transmissions from 'other worlds' or haunted locations.

This performance will feature the butoh dancer Sonja Heller.

Image for Testcard


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