Ruth Waldeyer

Ruth Waldeyer

Lighting design and technical direction since 2007 in Europe and the USA for numerous dance pieces and performances for, among others, Clément Layes, Alice Chauchat, Fréderic Gies, Good Work, Annie Dorsen, Shifts Cie. Often in collaboration with Bruno Pocheron and Florian Bach, with whom she also founded "Gangplank", a project that deals with questions of networks and interdisciplinary processes in contemporary performance as well as the question of technology as a dramaturgical tool. Lighting consulting and workshops, including at the HZT, Berlin 2014+2015 // since 2002 ausland/Berlin: In varying intensities, organization, events, technical maintenance and the festivals Songs We Taught Your Mother (2018), CC No.1 - Corruptive Climate (2012). Taking care of the ausland residency program since 2010. // Selection of radio works: 2020 "3 Schüsse und die Stille danach" with Uli Ertl at RBB Kultur, 2019 Trans* im Alltag and 2017 "Mrs.Sabotage - Multiple Sklerose als Chance" with Kim Scheunemann at WDR5, 2016 Marie Tharp - Der Riss im Rücken with Christina Ertl for SWR2, 2013 Milchmusik - Eine Klangexpedition zu einem Südtiroler Bergbauernhof (WDR5 and Deutschland Radio Kultur) with Uli and Ivan Ertl // Part of Radio F*: Radiomagazin auf Freies Berlin // Since 2012 SissiFM - your feminist radio magazine at rebootFM // Performance with the "Institut für Primärenergieforschung" // Drums and vocals with the bands "The King Anabels" and "The Best Intentions", “Wut und Wirklichkeit”


Radio Works: 

SissiFM on Mixcloud

Vier Schüsse und das Schweigen danach  Radiofeature

Shortened Version of Der Riss im Rücken

Mrs.Sabotage - Multiple Sklerose als Chance


Gangplank a group of light/sound/video designers, musicians, choreographers that investigates the intersections of technology and dramaturgy in the practice of making stage work

Miracles @ Doofe Musik




Trio Roland Harvest sound

Trio Roland video

The Swan Song






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