Radu Malfatti

Radu Malfatti

radu malfatti

born 16 12 1943 in innsbruck [austria]
got bored after 2 ½ years of studying architecture and left
1965 -1970 studied music at  „akademie für angewandte kunst und musik“ in graz.
[trombone with eje thelin, piano and composition]
1970 amsterdam
1972 london
1975 zürich
1977 florenz
1978 amsterdam
1980 berlin
1982 köln
since 1997 in vienna

played with allmost all the improvisers in the whole world, such as: derek bailey, evan parker, john stevens, chris mc gregor’s brotherhood of breath, barry guy’s london jazzcomposers orchestra, king übü örchestrü, tony oxley, ulrich gumpert, steve lacy, albert mangesldorff, joe mc phee, irene schweizer, misha mengelberg’s ICP, anthony braxton, dave holland, marten van regteren altena, peter van bergen, pierre favre, elton dean’s „ninesense“, paul lytton, stephan wittwer, barre phillips, peter kowald, fred van hove, john butcher, george lewis, roscoe mitchell, nikos veliotis, taku sugimoto, taku unami, klaus filip and many others.

toured in europe, north america, canada, japan.
numerous lp’s – and cd’s. [incus records, ogun, fmp, hat hut, splash, in’n’out, edition wandelweiser etc.]
1985 founation of his own orchestra: “ohrkiste” – 13 musicians.

since 1980
picked up again composing. commissions by christina ascher, gunter schneider, wolfgang güttler, melvyn poore a.m.o.
in cologne commissions for film and theater.

since 1995
member of the composer’s collective  „wandelweiser“

malfatti’s compositions were performed in europe, US and japan.

organized from 2000 to 2007 concerts in vienna [porgy and bess] and a yearly „wandelweiser – festival“ at the “friedrichshof” in burgenland [austria]

since 2000 close relationship with the japanese guitar-players taku sugimoto, concerts in europe and in japan. [plus cd’s] and taku unami

since 1995
main concentration to the work and activities within the “wandelweiser composer’s ensemble”, which devotes itself to the novel type of interpretation and redefinition of time and structure.

since 2005
started his own recordlabel “b-boim records”

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