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For nearly a decade, Presocratics have worked with an ideal of music and sound existing without heirarchy.

Freely mixing live and recoded sound, improvisation and composition, Presocratics employ consumer and post consumer goods to interrogate history and insomnia in their bid to wrest philosophy from professional academia and the class system it supports.

The discarded, the fragmented, the sound of sun spots, music boxes, wind, rain, insects, and broken cd players, used not for effect, but as compositional components.

Insular, yet internationalist, Presocratics have recorded four cds, and performed in seven countries. In early 2003, Presocratics begin recording their fifth cd, All That Is Solid Melts Into Air. Behold! Rock energy mobalized against nostalgia.

"Glorious...a coruscating river of electronic sound that sits somewhere between metal machine Lou Reed and Kraftwerk, while having the simplicity and bright energy that neither would have achieved."

"Even more captivating on stage than on record...a very expert capacity of mixing scholarly and popular musics."

"Presocratics present minimalism at its most complex."

"...Enchanting and rather diverse, almost set apart from the parallel world...Free form, improvisation, noise shreiking from the ethereal, fragments of digital glitches. Fabulous."
--BLOW UP (Italy)

"Electro-acoustic pop for reckless dreamers."


Pure Capitalism (edition...) 1998
Works and Days (Table of the Elements) 2000
Presocratics Serve Imperialism (Table of the Elements) 2001
The Ill Tempered Cassette (edition...) 2003
All That is Solid Melts into Air 2003

Solo: Need Thomas Windham, Employment Patterns (Antiopic) 2002
Solo: Jon Philpot, Bear in Heaven (Social Registry) 2003

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