Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet
Elise Mory – keyboards/piano
Tamara Wilhelm – DIY electronics

Unimagined Biodiversity
möströms first record release:
we speak whale
Ears will drop jaws while the listeners of we speak whale become increasingly fascinated with every chord. The first release of möström doesn't even bring up the question whether experimental music is inaccessible or hard to get. In fact you will hardly find anything sounding as thrilling and balanced at the same time. Experience propellering synthesizers, haunting melodies, sleepy plonking honky tonk, minimalistic hints of pop, a calming pulse, packed soundscapes, maelstrom of noise, manic and brittle sculptures and – the sea. After listening to 40 minutes of overhelmingly playful music with all its suprising twists you might feel affected by amnesia – just like Dory, the palette surgeonfish who, by the way, speaks whale. This is the result of the vast variety of musical impressions hitting your ear you are not able to put nametags on. The blowfish – also known as Fugu, a Japanese dish, a balancing act between tetrodotoxin poisoning and intoxicating euphoria – is not only represented on the cover: sweet and tiny or huge and deadly dangerous. The journey starts at the “Werft” (engl.: Dockyard) where you will find the base for what is going to come. From there the band takes you further and further out into the open sea. Susanna Gartmayer, playing the bass clarinet with virtuosity, making adventurous tonal fissures, groovy licks, melodies soft as velvet paws and anything else happen. Tamara Wilhelm squeezes out voluminously sounds out of her self-and-easy-to-build electronic sound devices. From beat to squeaking, walls of guitar to little space animals, hear the impossible. Elise Mory knows how to turn the knobs and hit the keys of her red and golden machines. This means melting down sounds, crystallising tiny melodies and drowning pianodrones. You might have heard them in projects and bands like The Vegetable Orchestra, broken.heart.collector, Gustav, Nitro Mahalia, subshrubs and many more. möström fishes in the pool of Vienna´s off scene without the use of a trawl since 2010. Diving for pearls in the wide sea of - what exactly? Experminental Noise Pop? Independent academic sound art? Instant Composition? Discreetly abstract Soundscapes? WTF? Get ready for a unique variety of musical treasures brought into life with a great sense of humour!

The genre-defying debut of female trio möström is a sparkling original, beguiling in the best sense.... (a closer listen)
...Möström's debut album is an endless journey of inspiration. (THE QUIETUS)
...a delicious, gunky sandwich of sensory experience and colliding flavour contrasts, full to bursting with the fruits of intrepid handiwork. (ATTN)
...‘We Speak Whale’ is barking mad; laugh out loud even. (blackaudio )

Album Preview: https://soundcloud.com/mstrm/we-speak-whale-album-preview

Image for möström
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