Marie Schwab

Marie Schwab

Marie Schwab, viola, improvisation, composition

Multi-task musician, her music route is a labyrinth strewed with the most diverse sound events.


For several years, her music is the reflection of a concern where the communication, the interdisciplinary, and the relations binding sound, sense and space occupy a central place.


She plays her 5 and 8 strings violas, acoustics and electronics, to improvise, interpret and compose throughout the world beside numerous musicians, comedians, dancers and plastic artists.


She's at the origin of creations, performances, installations, educational projects and training courses of improvisation.


Collaborations: Theater Gessnerallee ( ZH), Theater La Comédie ( GE), Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain (NEC), Festival Archipel(GE), La Bâtie ( GE), World Music Days, New(s)peak trio , Atelier Danse Manon Hotte, Kitchen Project, InsubMetaOrchestra, Big Bang Orkestrâh…

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