Born in Madrid, Spain, and based since 2009 in Berlin, Germany, LINCE´s work has been mainly focused on electronic music, as composer and DJ, offering on both fields different proposals, as with his musical production LINCE explores slow and intimate electro-acoustique atmospheres [influenced by artists like Isan, .Tape., Thomas Fehlmann, Silvania, Jan Jelinek, but also Broadcast, Slowdive or the Cocteau Twins], and at the same time concentrates as a DJ on an avant-garde, uptempo club sound.

After self releasing in 2009 his first LP "Golpe de luz" and doing in 2010 a collaboration with the US experimental artist Zan Hoffman [The Twists And Turns Of The Loved And Hated C - ZH27, 2010] LINCE´s finalizing the details for the release of two singles and an EP this year.

LINCE´s given live and DJ gigs at Stardust (Madrid), Cuántica Festival (Granada, ES), Monkey Town (New York, USA), the Alpha-Ville Festival (London, UK) , and Klubbers Day, Berlin Fashion Week, M.I.K.Z. or the former Temporäre Kunsthalle in Berlin.

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