Jassem Hindi

Jassem Hindi

Jassem Hindi (*1981, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) is a sound maker and a performer, active in the fields of experimental music, art installation and performance.  

Music bio:

Plays with a lo-fi electro/acoustic set: diverted machines, broken objects, no input mixing board, contact microphones, magnetic tapes, springs.

Primarily focusing on the tension between a musical gesture and raw sound material, generated by nervousness and necessity; using experimental video editing techniques such as cut ups, exposure, and shadowing; reported to real time sound making. With a strong taste for fast cuts, rough dynamic changes and low frequency vibrations.

His most recent sound collaborators in the past year are Axel Dörner, Olivier di Placido, Basile Ferriot, Magda Mayas, Tony Buck, Hana Lee Erdman, Jakob Riis, Martin & Maria Küchen.

In the spirit of the improvised music scene he has played in in situ concerts with a wide range of musicians in and from various continents (Europe, USA, Middle East, North Africa, South America).

Musically very much inspired by the works of Jason Lescalleet, Pandit Pran Nath, Keith Rowe, Andrea Neuman, Graham Lambkin, Kevin Drumm, Annette Krebs, Sunn O., Olivier Di Placido, Basile Ferriot, Pascal Battus, Monarch, Alvin Lucier, Esmat Bagherpour Baboli, and various bel canto opera constructions.

His performance work with Jeremy Wade, Keith Hennessy, Mia Habib and the likes is focused on a practice placed between poetics and politics (with objects such as queer tactics, hospitality, public displays of violence), using secular ritualistic strategies and conceptual tools based around the Cascando triad: 

“of knowing, not knowing, pretending."


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