Ingar Zach

Ingar Zach

Norwegian improviser, composer and percussionist, Ingar Zach (b. June 29th 1971 in Oslo,Norway) is known for his deep research in the possibilities in contemporary percussion. During his career the last 25 years he has developed a unique style using the Gran Cassa as the main source of sound exploration using various objects and electronics to make the drum vibrate. He is dedicated to improvised/contemporary music and is regularly touring and recording with his fixed ensembles; Dans les arbres, Huntsville, O3 but also in different ad-hoc projects with musicians like Kim Myhr, David Stackenäs, Michele Rabbia, John Tilbury and Miguel Angel Tolosa in Europe, Canada, SouthAmerica, Japan and USA.

As a composer he is active in his regular ensembles, and he is also continuosly working with developing his solo pieces which involves percussion, electronics and fieldrecordings. In recent years he is composing for ensembles like Ensemble MusikFabrik, Quatuor Bozzini, Speak Percussion and Ludus Gravis.

His solo work is used in different genres, such as film, dance and art performances.

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Ingar Zach © Ariele Monti

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