Chris Iemolo

Chris Iemolo


I was born in Siracusa, (ITA) on August 29th, 1978.

Since 1986 I have studied classic, electric and battente guitar, analysis, composition.

I have studied with Carlo Muratori, Andrea Quartarone, Domenico Caliri, Alessandro Sorrentino. Tristan Honsinger, Misha Mengelberg, Barre Phillips, Phil Milton, Markus Stockhausen. Gioacchino Palma.

I have taken a degree at the University of Art, Music, Cinema and Theatre in Bologna.

During a first ten years period, I played with several bands of noise and post- rock music. Afterwards, I spent two years working with a theatre company, composing music for three prose drama and experimenting with free improvisation.
Since 2003-04, I have definitely come to music improvisation, playing with Tristan Honsinger and with some musicians of the Bassesfere Collective. At the same time I started playing with Francesco Guerri (cello) in a duo, featuring the Anarcode project. I have also played with the Honsinger's octet Eau Naturelle sans gas.

In 2005-06 I have been living in both Berlin and Amsterdam, where I co-operated with several local musicians like the guitarist Olaf Rupp, my partner in creation for the Twelve's project, released and edited in 2007.
The drummer Tuomas Ojala was instead my partner for the Lawaai project.

Nowadays I'm living in Torino. However, I am still working in both Berlin and Bologna.
I am a member of GNU, an association of young musicians, who are involved with music research in Bologna.

I played with (among others):

Tristan Honsinger, Barre Phillips, Olaf Rupp, Akira Ando, Clayton Thomas, Antonio Borghini, Tuomas Ojala, Francesco Guerri, Diego Cofone, Edoardo Maraffa, Jan Kurt, Francesco Cusa, Domenico Caliri con Libero Ostile, Alessandro Buzzi, Manuela Barile.

I have composed the music for:

StaciaMinacia, theatre, Bologna, director Vladimira Cantoni
Metropop, theatre, Bologna, director Livia Gionfrida (NisbaTeatro)
Se dio vuole, movie, director Vincenzo De Masi
Whisky di via Nikolajevka, movie, director Federico Rizzo
Donkey, video installation, Akademie der Kunst, Amsterdam, director Edo Shalom

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