Antto Logy

Antto Logy

Antto’s journey through life has been one of passion, curiosity, and creativity. Multi-instrumentalist Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer and Filmmaker who was born and raised in Chile. From a young age, They developed a deep love for music and instruments.

After finishing the school where They had Their first band, Antto studied Audiovisual Technics, where They learned how to work with cameras, lighting and sound and made Their first films as music videos and documentaries. After graduation They started to work in the National TV industry, but after a few years, They decided to move to Spain to seek out new experiences.

In Spain, Antto continued to work with the inventor and musician Werner Lambertz who inspired and gave Them the tools to record albums, create and produce new music and learned EMP, while working as a Sound Engineer in the Culture Center Sa Taronja over the years They stayed.

Antto’s thirst for adventure led Them to Berlin, where They became deeply involved in the city’s underground music scene, playing in different jam sessions and witnessing the patriarchal structures that often dominated those spaces.

While jamming Antto met the members of Their first and current music project as a drummer, The Garlic We Crush, with whom They have been pushing and supporting the Soli, Political and underground movement through their music:
Antto’s involvement in the Berlin music scene didn’t stop there.
Currently They play bass for Das Rattenkabinett with the rapper Lena Stoerhfaktor and for a folkloric Chilean music project called Solo Pájaros
Antto also plays synths in Elektrolaster and collaborates as a drummer with Brezel Göring (Stereo Total).

In 2023, Antto produced and mixed Their first first full album “Die Zukunft war gut”

Through Their collaborations and projects, They have found a treasured place in the SoundSysters Crew, that shares Their values and ways of working.

Antto has shown a deep commitment to music, creativity, and pushing boundaries. Their work is a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on the world around Them through art and activism.


Antto Logy
Antto Logy
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